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Austrian National Day

The end of World War II left much of the world in ruins, with the European continent sustaining a large portion of the damage. Austria emerged from the struggle and found itself occupied by not one but four occupying forces. The Allied victors sectioned the country into four distinct sections, each governed by representatives from The United States, Great Britain, France, and The Soviet Union. This occupation would endure until May 1955, when the Austrian State Treaty was signed. Once enacted, the Allied forces left and, Austrian began the long process of building their society to what they are today, a colorful, vibrant, and dynamic country.

After the devastating effects of World War II, Austria vowed to never again get pulled into a conflict by unfortunate alliances. The most effective method to accomplish this goal was to declare their neutrality, now and forever. This declaration became the basis for the establishment of a new holiday; Austrian National Day. Each 26th of October Austrians gather to reflect on what makes their nation special and to support each other in the road ahead.

Vienna, the capital city of Austria, marks Austrian National Day with festivities, ceremonies, and honor. A wreath is laid at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, commemorating the victims of the resistance. The military recruits receive their oath and are sworn into active duty. Citizens enjoy complimentary or reduced admission prices to federal museums and attractions. Even the Office of the Federal President, the Federal Chancellery, and other public institutions are open for the populace to explore. The Federal President caps the day with a speech on television. Austrians everywhere take pride in the strides their homeland has made since the war, and they should be. I personally engage in business with Austrian Airlines and allow me to say that I consider my contacts not only valuable business colleagues but good friends as well.

Shall we all come together and say “zelebrieren Austria”!

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